Malcolm Fink

Exile from Sargasso.


Agility 4D; Brawling 1D, Dodge 2D, Melee Combat 2D
Strength 6D
Knowledge 2D; Intimidation 1D, Streetwise 1D
Mechanical 2D
Perception 3D+1
Technical 2D

1. Corruption Buffer
2. Boons/Banes
3. Skills
4. Resources
5. Meta Dice

Boons: Enhanced Attribute (2) – Strength (Remarkable), Phyrric Payback (1) – Solor Encounter
Banes: Vile (1) – Smarmy

Combat Reflexes (2) – Quick Draw; +2D to Perception rolls to determine initiative.
Density Upgrade (1) – Hard Core; +1D Strength based damage rolls.
Dermaplating (2) – Medium Dermaplating; +1D to Strength rolls to resist damage.
Payback Module (4) – Angel of Death; Micronuke 15D damage, 500 ft blast
Reinforced Skeleton (2) – Major Reinforcement; +4 to brawling damage.
Speed Enhancer (1) – Sprint Mod; Maximum running speed doubled.
Strength Surge (4) – Mega Surge; Strength increases by +3D for 1D roounds, must rest for 2D hours before using again.

Demeanor: Aggressive, Confident
Motivations: Power, Survival aka buttseks with other men

Resources: 2D
Fate Points: 1
Character Points: 0
Corruption Points: 0
Wound Status: Healthy

Synthleather Mesh (Trenchcoat); +1D protection, -1 Encumbrance.
Knuckleduster; +3 to brawling damage.
Boomstick; 4D damage, -2 to strike.


Working his way up to scumbag.

Malcolm Fink

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