Drayton (Dray) Vance



Age: 32 – 6’1’- 200 Lbs. Black hair, green eyes, clean shaven,tanned skin

Homeworld: Septimus
Resources: 2d
Demeanor: Confidant, Daring
Motivations: Survival, Freedom
Fate Points: 1
Character Points: 10
Corruption: 0
Wound Status: Healthy

Attributes & Skills

Agility: 4d (Dodge 5d, Gunplay 6d, Melee 5d, Sleight of Hand 5d)
Knowledge: 3d (Survival 4d)
Mechanical: 2d
Perception: 3d (Hide 4d, Sneak 4d)
Strength: 4d (Stamina 5d)
Technical: 2d

Boons & Banes

Moderate Jack of all Trades (2)
Moderate Resilience (2)
On the Edge [Jumpy] (1)
Merciless [Kill em all] (1)


Acquisition Sense [Gladiator] (2)
Autoevasion [Autoavoidance] (1)
Comlink [Network] (1)
Dermaplating [Light] (1)
Internal Gyro [Spatial Sense] (1)
Multivision [Image Enhancement] (1)
O2 Processor [Oxygen Reserve] (1)
Polykeratin [Alter App., Form Weap.] (2)
Radar[Regional, 1000’] (3)
Snipervision [Pipper] (2)
Speed Enhancer [Sprint] (1)


Lockpicking Tools (1d)
Holdout Pistol (2/5/10/15/25 – 3d – SS – 10 shots)
Taskmaster Battle Rifle (40/80/120/160/200 – 5d
1 – sel. fire – 500 shots) Gyrostablized {+1d to hit at any range}
Callisto Sniper Rifle (100/250/500/1000/2000 – 9d – SS – 25 shots)
SynthleatherMesh Armor (+1d, -1 enc)


Dray was adopted by a well to do Sindavar family at a very early age after his family was killed during the steel helix. He joined the military as soon as was possible and became a special ops sniper in en elite SE division. Unhappy with what he saw as a corrupt and uncaring government, he served his term and moved on as soon as possible. He has recently settled in the Greyscale.

Drayton (Dray) Vance

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