Aevony Si



Name: Aevony Si
Age: 26
Homeworld: Soli of the Seventh Empire – Inner Ring.
Resources: 2d
Demeanor: Pragmatic and Reserved
Motivations: Freedom and Professionalism
Fate Points: 1
Character Points: 0
Corruption: -4
Wound Status: Healthy

Attributes & Skills
Agility: 3d (Dodge 5d)
Knowledge: 3d (Aliens 4d, Languages 4d, Scholar 5d)
Mechanical: 2d
Perception: 3d (Investigation 5d, Know-How 4d)
Strength: 3d
Technical: 4d (Medicine 6d)
Metaphysics: 3d

Boons & Banes
Metaphysics: Minor Metaphysics (1)
Metaphysical Aptitude: Minor Aptitude (1) [+3 to Meta rolls]
Metaphysical Affnity: Minor Metaphysical Affnity (1) [-1 Corruption w/Alien Artifacts]
Outcast: Derelict (1)

(3D in Transform)

Skill Used: transform
Diffculty: 10
Effect: medicine 5D (10)
Target Size: person (+2)
Range: touching (-2)
Duration: 2 rounds (0)
Description: Through the power of touch, the metaphysicist can heal another character as if he ad 5D in medicine. He has access to this skill for two rounds, though he may only use it once per round.

Physical Enhancement
Skill Used: transform
Diffculty: 16
Effect: +1D bonus to any one attribute(Agility,Strength,Knowledge,Perception,Mechanical,Technical) (6)
Target Size: person (+2)
Range: close (+5)
Duration: 5 rounds (+3)
Description: The metaphysicist improves another character’s physical or mental abilities. For five rounds and as long as the target character remains within range, he gets +1D to one attribute of the metaphysicist’s choosing.

Skill Used: transform
Diffculty: 20
Effect: Move target of 1 kilogram or less (1)
Target Size: small item (+1)
Range: close (to target) (+5); close
(range of movement) (+5)
Duration: 10 rounds (+8)
Description: The metaphysicist reaches out with his mind and grasps a small object within 100 meters. He can bring it to him. To also use the object at a distance, he would need to give himself the appropriate skill, as a separate manipulation attempt.


An assortment of medical supplies collected into a lightweight container that allows for easy transport. Medkits normally contain antibiotic patches, a compressed- air hypodermic injector, three doses of pain killers, bandages, and tape. Use of a standard medkit provides a +1D bonus to medicine skill checks. For more on the use of medkits, check out the “Healing” section of the D6 Rules chapter.
Cost: Easy (10)

The standard unit of communication equipment, comlinks come in a number of different forms. The most common is the handset, which has an effective range of 10 kilometers and is widely available on the open market. These also can be purchased as headsets.
Cost: Easy (10)

The Septimus version of a PDA, these de- vices are portable terminals for interfacing the Datastream and Holoverse (described below). They take many forms, from small handheld computer screens, to stylus-style pens, to lapel pins, and so on. Datamates can also be used as personal communica- tions devices anywhere within the Sphere. Most come with a port for connection to a neural jack, as well as cable interfaces for connecting to larger terminals. Smaller computers have slots for a few scholar- chips, while larger ones have room for several.
Cost: Moderate (15)

Considered to be the most widely used pistol in circulation, the A-Line is also per- haps the oldest weapons design currently in use by the system. It is known for its good performance and an accommodating design that fts nicely into the user’s hand.
Classifcation: pistol
Range (PB/S/M/L/VL): 10/20/30/40/50
Damage: 3D
Rate of Fire: single shot
Ammo: 30 shots
Modifers: These weapons possess a slaving chip that makes it easier to use them in conjunction with each other. When fring with an A-Line in either hand, negate the typical penalty for shooting with two weapons at once. This feature makes the A- Line really popular with criminals and Mori- turi, both of which have a vested interest in looking like badasses when fghting.
Cost: Moderate (15)

(3 clips of 30shot)

Quick-Draw Holster
A favorite among gunslingers, the sprin- gloaded quick-draw holster is only avail- able for nonbulky pistol weapons or melee weapons. With this holster, drawing the weapon does not count as an action, so characters may perform it in the same turn as using the weapon without penalty. In addition, when the character engages in a “quick-draw” contest, she can add 1D to her initiative. It does not provide any special initiative bonus during normal combat.
Cost: Easy (10)

This is a tough material that can be used to make ordinary clothes and is commonly used by those seeking protection without looking armored up. Protection: +1
Encumbrance: none
Cost: Easy (10)

Supertech eyewear provide the user with multi-sensory capability as well as the po- tential for displaying multiple datascreens at any given time. A must for the media addict who needs to take in multiple strands of the Datastream at once. +1D bonus to sight-based rolls for viewing objects beyond seven feet in daylight and twilight.
Cost: Easy (10)

Computer chips intended for use with both hand units and larger terminals. These contain available information on sectors, planets, some alien species, equipment, ships, personal data, business transac- tions, and so on. Use of a computer with a standard scholarchip in place allows the operator to roll as if he possessed a scholar or appropriate Knowledge-based skill in the subject detailed on the chip. Of course, the broader the range of information and the more encrypted it is, the harder it is to get at what the character needs.


Very smart child, advanced through schooling rapidly and became a full doctor in her late teens (19). Has a family of unconventional liberals. Eventually this got them outcast from their society. Aevony has a scar across her right palm from a scapel during an Exam that wasn’t healed in time.

Aevony Si

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