Loyal Sidekick!


Midge: This little robot comes packed with a variety of tools and diagnostic equipment to perform maintenance on just about anything. Its miniature agrav generators allow it to foat in the air and go along at a modest pace. It cannot fly more than a few meters off the ground though.

Name: Beeper
Character Points: 7
Wound Status: Healthy

Attributes & Skills
Agility: 1d (Melee Combat 2d)
Knowledge: 1d
Mechanical: 1d
Perception: 1d (Search 4d)
Strength: 1d
Technical: 1d (Exoskeleton Repair 3d, Firearms Repair 3d, Gunnery Repair 3d, Flight Systems Repair 3d, Personal Equipment Repair 3d, Vehicle Repair 3d, Robot Interface/Repair (Damage only) 3d

Other Features
Type: general purpose sidekick
Size: .8 m/10kg
Move: 15 (fying)
Shields: none
Hull: 1d+2 (they break easily)
Armament: none
Features: Various repair and diagnostic tools, plus parts; laser welder (damage 4d if improperly used).



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