The Awakened

First Session

You feel trapped, as though something has you bound by the wrists, ankles, forehead and neck. Something surrounds you and dampens your struggles. Your perception of time is measured by heartbeats. You are blind and can feel something covering your eyes. Soon a dull glow seems to emanate around you.

As the glow begins to intensify you feel a torrent of sensations as images flood your mind, rapidly coalescing from experiences into memories, including your name. When the glow begins to fade you realize that you know who are, where you are from, what you have done, and where you have been, but you do not know how you ended up here.

The restraints slip away from your limbs and your feel the pressure around you abate and slacken away. The glow has faded completely away, leaving you in total darkness. You begin to feel chilled in the dark, when there is a whine of machinery around you and then sliver of light surrounds you, widening rapidly. You feeling something retract from your nostrils, something in your chest feeling like it is being extracted out through your throat. Something heavy falls from your head and clatters next you.

The party has awakened from suspended animation in an unknown chamber.

No one in the group recognizes anyone else, and neither can anyone remember how they came to be here.

After everyone shakes off the effects of the suspected cyrosleep, the party begins the investigation of their surroundings. The room is a perfect circle with the pods in the center surrounding a huge cylinder that they are connect to by bundles of cabling and a doorway to the north. The medium sized room is explored; as the last person climbs out of their pod, hidden drawers open up underneath each containing each person’s equipment. Of special note is the fact that Beeper, Oran’s small robot, has been tampered with and had its power pack removed rendering it inert. The middle cylinder has a display and keyboard+interface jack. On the display are the words:

Unfortunately, while Oran is trying to interface with console the lights flicker and go out. Less than a minute later small lights embedded in the ceiling flicker on with a hum. Dray and Fink, who are standing next to the door, notice that the air in the room has stopped circulating.

After Oran hot-wires the door panel the group steps into the chamber beyond. This Chamber is perfect hexagon. The walls and ceiling are polished chrome, and in the center is a hexagonal pillar made out of a complete transparent crystalline material. After some puzzling out Aevony determines that the chamber is some-kind of farcaster. Dray, who has used the farcasters created by the Sindavar Extent, notes that this farcaster is of completely unknown design. After regaining her strength lost through the probing of the pillar, Aevony tries to transport the group out of chamber and to her home-planet. She is unable to withstand the strain and thinks of someplace safe.

The group re-materializes in a corridor. The corridor is collapsed at both ends and is showing signs of extreme decay and corrosion. After searching through the conduits on the ceiling, Fink discovers a ventilation system and tears of the grating and proceeds to climb up the shaft. In a manner most violent and noisome he tears off the grating at the other end of the shaft. After securing a line for the rest of the group to climb up, they discover that the are in a small chamber with a large Plexiglas-glass like window looking out of what appears to be some-kind of large bay.

The bay is in a similar state of decay as the corridor, with large piles of debris made from collapsed parts of the ceiling scattered about. In the middle of the bay are two people standing in-front of a vehicle. The man and woman appear to be engaged in a vigorous argument. After the man notices the group standing in the observation chamber he frees them with the cargo claw mounted on the vehicle by ripping off the Plexiglas-like window.

The man introduces himself as Hendrickson. After a brief discussion the group finds out they are located somewhere in the Scraplands outside of the Bulwark to the south west, about midway to The Chromeworks. Oran offers to fix the vehicle, called ORLEE, in exchange for transport and by also examining the on-board computer is able to verify Hendrickson’s story of being a scavenger. Hendrickson, impressed by Oran’s work on ORLEE, offers to trade food and shelter if Oran looks at their settlements power plant. With that the group loads up in the cargo hauler’s flatbed and heads into the blasted landscape of the Scraplands.



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